Near to nature

When you know, you have tagda assignment after some time and before that you have got a few day holidays. What you will do? will you worry regarding assignment? Ha ha just forget about that work just enjoy your holidays. So this days I am exploring some places near to my town and near to nature especially low budget destination means where I can visit in low cast and not so much time consuming. where i can enjoy one or two days.
I started my journey from Janjgir with my Royal Enfield and picked up my best buddy UD from Korba. We started our journey together from Korba to Buka. When we were going suddenly we found roadblock from traffic police and this time due to some reason I have neither driving license nor papers of my vehicle.We don’t want to argue with police so we changed the rout and picked a longrout with villages. Trust me this was a good idea. We enjoyed and saved money approx 200 to 500 bugs also from fine.

What are you all are doing ? We are catching snacks
New friends……….motivates for work, travel
I want to save 200 Rs.

We reached Katghora. I was hungry we took Idali. I am choosey guy about my food. But it was palatable food for me.

After breakfast we moved towards Buka. Greenery, cemented road, construction ongoing. In road construction some dust from the trucks also but it was less and only few places.


Entrance gate of Buka with beautiful lady


dare to drive

Buka Island, Korba Chhattisgarh is a new tourist place.It was a tribal area small homes situated in village. Due to Saturday children going back to home from school. In Saturday scheduled morning school. Finally we reached Buka. We can see the beauty of nature. Water, mountains and forest. The mixture of fantastic nature.Forest department and local Gram Samiti provides Tent, AC rooms and food and charges some money. but you need to booked this earlier by phone or you can visit Katghora office.
Some children were swimming in the water. Some children were fishing may be they don’t want to go school even half time of the Saturday like me.IMG_20170812_140554

One of the motivation for my travel


I cant hire a model for my page so…………




repairing work by Marin engineers

The local peoples visited another place for marketing and cross the river with their bot with oar they can cross the river approx. one to one and half hours.IMG_20170812_152058

The best part of my journey


No no i am not an alien

After Buka we moved for Minimata (Hasdeo) Bango Dam. Hasdeo Bango Dam, situated amid charming hills. Hasdeo Bango Dam is situated about 42d km up-steam of Hasdeo Bango River at Korba in Chhattisgarh. The dam is consturected on the Hasdeo River. The dam is about 555m long and has 11 gates. here alos guet house avalable.


Bango Dam


view from Bango Dam Bridge


Green Paddy and Red Sari


Enjoying weather

So it was a small journy but cheerful and near to nature. i have enjyod new place.




The fusion of “saffron and white”

India is country of diversity. Lots of languages, cultures, religious and peoples living together with their on believes. Sometimes we see the some cultures mix together like rainbow and we see it we can’t able to say which one are two colors are more attractive because the beauty of rainbow are all color who includes.

So here I am not telling about much about diversity or rainbow I just want to share my short travel experiences and if you can find beauty of diversity or rainbow so it’s upon your eyes.

Usually I don’t like to work at office at Sunday but due to some important assignment owned by me I was working in Sunday at our Sheorinarayan office. After compilation of work approx. 12:30 pm. I was hungry and I told to my Vivek we eat first then we plan rest of the day.

Sheorinarayan is a religious place and situated in the near of Mahanadi. We cross the bridge which made in Mahanadi River and went to Gidhouri for good food. We ordered Aalu Parantha and between the food bite we were planning some place for chill. Suddenly we got idea ‘let’s go Giroudhpuri’. We want to enjoy forest road, mountains and want to see India’s highest concreate tower.

Giroudhpuri is famous for Sant Gurughasi Das. He was born on 18th 1756 in Girodpuri, Balodabazar district. Gurughasi Das was the founder of the Satnami community in state of Chhattisgarh.

During his lifetime, the political atmosphere in india was one of exploitation. Ghasidas experienced the evil of the caste system at an early age, which helped him to understand the social dynamics in a caste-ridden society and reject social inequality. To find solution, he travelled extensively across Chhattisgarh.

Guru Ghasidas established Satnami community in Chhattisgarh, India based on “Satnam” (meaning “Truth”) and equality.  Guru Ghasidas created a symbol of truth called “jaitkhambh” – a white painted log of wood, with a white flag on the top. The structure indicates a white man who follows the truth “satnam” is always steadfast and is the pillar of truth (satya ka satmbh). The white flag indicates peace.The distance from Raipur to Girodhpuri is approx 145 km and from Sheorinarayan to Giroudhpuri aprox 20 km.

111               Bridge on Mahanadi River- connecting Janjgir to Balouda Bazar

222                                                                    Entrance

Untitled                                                                    JaitKhambh

12                                                  view from top of the Jaitkhambh

14                                           Gurughasi Das Temple- Jay Satnam and Bolbam

15                                                                        Amrit Kund

4                                                                      Visitors

1                                                                Baba Ji ki Buti

10                                                               Chhata Pahad

19                                          House and Shop of local people